“The PhilanthroCorp organization has been a Godsend to Sagemont Church. We have found that they deliver exactly what they promised; professional expertise and a servant's heart. I can whole-heartedly recommend them to your church”
Chuck Schneider, Executive Pastor
Sagemont Church, Houston, TX



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Our Services

Between 1998 and 2052, $41 trillion will be transferred through settled estates.

Partnering with PhilanthroCorp will allow your church to harvest significant testamentary and current asset gifts while strengthening relationships with members by providing them a service they will greatly appreciate.

Our planned giving and estate planning services are customized to meet each church’s unique needs and opportunities; however, the following components are central to our relationship with you:

  • Marketing Support: Whether we are reaching donors by direct mail, phone or personal seminars, or by other means, we provide an extensive array of marketing materials and support to ensure donors understand the service that is available to them, the value of comprehensive estate planning, and are motivated to take action.


  • Scheduling:  Estate planning takes time. Our talented team of schedulers works across several time zones to reach donors who have requested help, set and confirm appointments for our estate planning specialists, and stay in touch with donors so that they remain engaged until their planning is completed and their gifts or estate documents are confirmed.


  • Case Planning:  When a donor has asked for help creating a comprehensive estate plan or in giving a complex asset gift, an estate specialist is assigned to walk with the donor until their desire for help is satisfied. On average, our engagement with each donor lasts approximately eight months.


  • Drafting:  PhilanthroCorp has developed a national network of attorneys who are specialists in drafting charitable estate documents and are licensed in their states.  These attorneys understand the heart of our efforts and agree to provide their services at sacrificial rates and with timely drafting.  This removes the hurdle donors often face in following-through with their expressed desire to make a gift.


  • Donor Survey: Your donors are immensely valuable; when we have completed our service to each donor they are surveyed on their experience to ensure we are meeting your expectations.   Of course, these results are shared with you regularly.


  • Reporting: Traditionally, estate gifts have been difficult to quantify.  Each month we will report gifts that are in planning and then gifts that have been completed and confirmed by executed estate documents.  Finally, there is a way for you to regularly monitor and measure your investment in planned giving!


Why does PhilanthroCorp exist?

PhilanthroCorp exists to grow the impact and reach of the local church for the gospel of Christ by meeting the needs of church members with estate planning and gifting of assets. Our desire is to be a blessing to the members we serve by helping them develop a legacy plan that transfers management of worldly wealth and relationships in a manner that reflects good stewardship.

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