“We have been so thankful for PhilanthroCorp and their turn-key service. It would be hard to imagine how we could be more pleased with our results to date. My department works directly with certain prospects generated by PhilanthroCorp and we appreciate this opportunity to build stronger donor relationships through this feature.”
Ted Hackney, Director
Harding University, Searcy, AR


“I would highly recommend PhilanthroCorp to you. Whether you have a planned giving officer on your staff or are planning to launch a planned giving initiative, PhilanthroCorp is an effective Planned Giving partner”
Randy Pittman, Vice President University Advancement
Samford University, Birmingham, AL

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Why PhilanthroCorp?

Missed Opportunities

One in Forty estate plans remember charityGiving through an estate is a natural extension of lifetime habits, except with more impact. Individuals can give through assets, not just cash. We have found that only 1 of 40 of our clients most committed supporters had charity in their estate plan before meeting with us. After working with us, almost all include gifts to favored ministries, with the average gift to our clients exceeding $200,000.

Why Choose PhilanthroCorp?

A Recognized Leader - PhilanthroCorp has the privilege to serve many of our Nation's most respected churches, para-church, and educational institutions and thousands of their supports. Through our work we have directed over $2 billion to Christian ministries in the past 10 years. Our references speak both to our commitment and the consistent quality of our services.

Measureable Results - An investment in PhilanthroCorp's service will produce impressive and documented results. Historically, every dollar invested will return $40 in terms of the present value of the future gifts. Each month we will report to you the confirmed gifts and donor activity so you can measure your investment.

Serving, not Fundraising - Our model is unique. We have found that when committed supporters are guided through comprehensive estate planning, giving comes naturally as an extension of lifetime giving patterns. We simply help donors and families transition the management of their estate assets in a way that reflects their desired legacy. There is no "ask" involved but the gifts come naturally and often compelling.

Why does PhilanthroCorp exist?

PhilanthroCorp exists to help educational institutions grow their impact for future generations by assisting donors with charitable estate planning as well as gifting of assets.  Educating donors who believe in the mission of education about the opportunities that exist to leverage their God-given resources through charitable planning, and then assisting them with the implementation of sound, stewardship-oriented planned giving has incredible capacity to endow these institutions to future generations of young leaders.

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