Planned giving for the International Mission Board

Minimize Taxes, Increase Charitable Gifts

PhilanthroCorp helps our para church clients identify, reach, and motivate their most committed supporters with planned giving messages, ultimately providing opportunities to engage in comprehensive estate planning assistance with our team of knowledgeable and passionate estate planning specialists. We believe that estate planning is, at its core, a spiritual process before it is a legal process…connecting supporter’s hearts and assets with stewardship priorities results in a powerful outcome for the individual, their beneficiaries and favored charities. Historically, an investment in a planned giving program with PhilanthroCorp has averaged over $40 in gifts for every $1 invested while strengthening relationships with your best supporters by providing them a service they will thank you for. More Info >>

Why does PhilanthroCorp exist?

PhilanthroCorp exists to serve supporters of non-profit Christian organizations by assisting them with stewardship-focused estate planning and planned giving services. Our desire is to be a blessing to the donors we serve by minimizing taxes, providing for families and retirement, and substantially increasing charitable giving for the causes closest to their hearts. For our clients, we are a trusted advisor in the area of charitable estate planning, helping them to generate consistent, measurable, and significant results.